Would it be so rude To pluck a rose in her prime,Steal her life, to save her pride?


Mighty of the mightiest Feisty of the feistiest A Queen, of a great country Known to heavens and beyond   There was no match for her Nor in skill nor in cunning Her guile was legendary She gave meaning to her subjects’ habit Of reciting meaningless royal praises For there was no title Her Most... Continue Reading →

Emergency lesson

And then the Government of growth and Government of sweat shoppers said, It is a compulsory holiday that you must take One we had long failed to deliver   Under the rules of this emergency Go to your family And be with them only Learn to play, Learn to live, Learn to give, As if,... Continue Reading →

Letter Of Love

  It is pure but not simple For nothing true ever is  And the truth it was, A letter of love.   The archaic one-sided conversation,  Was a path untrodden My words came quite unrestricted  Overwhelming a long reticence.   I recalled the desires of other people, Not knowing whether right or wrong.  My cognisance... Continue Reading →

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